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For over 40 years, Tony Kemp Ministries has been impacting lives through the supernatural power of God.

Every Believer Can Walk in the Supernatural

Teaching God’s people through practical application and demonstration.

Tony Kemp is an accomplished teacher, conference speaker and founder of Tony Kemp Ministries. Tony Kemp Ministries has impacted over 200 nations through media, international television, and through an extensive traveling ministry.

Tony, along with his wife Deborah Kemp, has spent over 40 years fulfilling God’s purpose: equipping God’s people to do the work of the ministry; maturing believers in Christ; glorifying God the Father.

Tony Kemp has developed and produced many teachings including Principles of Supernatural Ministry and the School of the Supernatural that has helped many Pastors, Leaders, and Laypersons fulfill God’s purpose in their life. As a Pastor to Pastors and a Leader to Leaders, Tony Kemp has established an international network called the ACTS Group. To learn more about the ministry, click below.

Tony Kemp on the Road

Come and experience the presence and power of God in a city near you.


Circle of Friends

Tony & Deborah Kemp have developed great relationships with these individuals that have helped them fulfill their calling. These ministries are globally impacting this world for the kingdom of God and we wanted to highlight their work. Click here for more information.


Acts Group

The Acts Group is an international network of ministers and ministries from various nations founded by Tony Kemp. Search this directory to find out more and connect.


School of the Supernatural

View and listen to these collection of videos to learn more on how to flow and operate in the Supernatural. From Supernatural Foundations to Supernatural Manifestations, these videos will help set the stage for God to minister through you.